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Ota and his wife opened a convenience store and received a franchise from Yu's company. Every month, we not only have to pay our employees, but we also have to pay royalties to the head office. Recently, new stores have continuously sprung up, causing the number of customers to decrease, and both of them are continuously facing financial difficulties. Many times he asked for a reduction in the royalty rate with the headquarters but was unsuccessful. Ota's wife was sick because she worked too much, and his son was about to take the entrance exam to a private school. Pressure continued to weigh heavily on Ota's shoulders. Yu saw that the bad business situation continued to put even more pressure on Ota. With the last drop of water, Ota got mad and wanted to destroy this hateful, despicable person. He continuously trampled and forced Yu to serve his sexual needs. With his strong sexual ability, Ota was able to conquer Yu, make her obey, accept to work as a store employee, speak well to the headquarters and especially agree to be his lover, allowing him to work. sex anytime he wants!

NGOD-141 Sick wife and husband cheating on her with the convenience store manager
 Movie Code: NGOD-141 
 Actor: Yu Shinoda